Creative Junk

Here you will find posts (imported from my old blog) that demonstrated my futile forays into ‘creative’ writing. Read and enjoy (if you can!) Unfortunately does not allow multiple posts on your pages. So I categorized the posts to Creative Junk and linked it (see link below this post) in this page. Not exceptionally smart, but nonetheless my only way of drawing attention to some of the arbit crap that I write. They are usually short stories and pseudo-intellectual essays.

Caution: Most of these posts are really random in idea and execution. So, beware of posts that make absolutely no sense!

And in case you are wondering if I am being self-deprecating on purpose, kindly don’t be under such illusions. It is an honest assessment, something I realized about most of my posts after reading it a few days back. Why am I still dedicating a page for this? That’s because it’s an attempt at something ‘creative’.  It’s one of those pieces of trifles that you want to keep even though you are fully aware of its lack of utility. It gave me highs when I wrote them, but maybe the kind of high you would get after winning the special olympics… even if you win you are still a retard. I know, terribly dark and evil humour! But here:

Click Here to Enter My Creative Junk 


2 responses to “Creative Junk

  1. oh! you still have this…

  2. WordPress lets you import all your posts with the comments from your older blog. Brilliant eh? Did it a long time ago, but have it now categorized. Still not convinced about shifting to wordpress?

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